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SIEFF 2010

SIEFF 2010
SIEFF - Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival
XV International Ethnographic Film Festival
NUORO, 20-25 September 2010

Deadline: 31 May 2010

Submissions for the 15th International Ethnographic Film Festival (SIEFF 2010) are now closed.
From the 20th to 25th September the Sardinian International Ethnographic Film Festival (SIEFF), will be held in Nuoro. This festival is organised by the Istituto Superiore Etnografico of Sardinia.
The Festival, which is a biennial event, has always adopted a specific theme: "The Shepherd and His Image" (1982); "The World Upside Down or Carnival and Controlled Transgression" (1984); "The Wedding. Marriage Rituals in Traditional Societies" (1986); "Women and Work in Traditional Societies" (1988); "Islands" (1990); "Mountains" (1992); "Men and Rivers" (1994); "Magic and Medicine in Traditional Societies" (1996); "Music and Rituals" (1998); "Children" (2000); "Food" (2002); "Tourism/Tourisms" (2004).
Since the 2006 edition the Festival has changed its previously traditional characteristic of focusing on a single theme, concentrating its programme instead on a selection of recently made documentary films with an ethno-anthropological prospective, special attention being given to those works principally concerned with themes that inevitably bring us back to the representation of contemporary life.
This year the Festival intends to focus its interests particularly on the production and circulation of folk music globally.
The works chosen for the official programme of the Festival will compete for the following awards:
A. "Grazia Deledda" Prize for the Best Film;
B. Prize for Best Film, set and produced in a Mediterranean country;
C. Prize for Best Film by a Sardinian director;
D. Prize for Most Innovative Film.
Apart from films in competition the Festival will also present films out of competition.
The films will be accompanied by a brief presentation and, as a general rule, commented on and discussed with their directors.
The projections, talks, conferences and discussions will be served by simultaneous translations in Italian and English.

To participate in the selection it is necessary to fill in and transmit on line the entry form available in the site www.isresardegna.it
The entry form should be printed, signed and sent to the following address: SIEFF 2010, Istituto Superiore Regionale Etnografico, Via Papandrea, 6 - 08100 Nuoro (Italy).
The entry form should be accompanied by:
- a copy of the film ( for the selection the following formats are acceptable: DVD, DVCAM, Mini DVCAM, BETACAM SP; DIGITAL BETACAM, HDV )
- two photographs from the film:
- a photograph of the film maker
(all the photographs must be in the either TIFF or JPG format with the longest border being at least 13 cms long and having a resolution of 300 dpi);
- a biography/filmography in file format Word of 10 to15 lines;
- a script of the film's dialogue or commentary in file format Word in one of the languages predefined for simultaneous translation.
Any other informative material will be gratefully received.

For further information please write or telephone:
Istituto Superiore Etnografico della Sardegna, via Papandrea, 6 - 08100 Nuoro (Italy)
phone +39 0784 242900
fax +39 0784 37484
e-mail: rassegna.sieff@isresardegna.org

Entry Rules [file.pdf]
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