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Saturday 25 September 2010

9 a.m.

Russia (Kamchatka)
Itelmeeni lood / Itelmen Stories
Liivo Niglas / 2010 / Estonia, Stati Uniti /68min
Set in Kamchatka, on the eastern extremity of Russia, in the context of the archaic sable hunt with nets, Itelmen Lood is a lively tale on the personal and social importance of the “Itelmen” language, today spoken by twenty people only.

ABC Colombia
Enrica Colusso / 2007 / Italia / 88min
The life of a small Colombian rural community in a region entirely controlled by paramilitary forces, narrated through the eyes of its children. The documentary examines the young protagonists’ difficult personal growth in this problematic context during one school year.

17 Augusta / 17 Agosto
Alexander Gutman / 2009 / Russia / 52min
Una giornata nella vita di un ergastolano. Secondo l’autore, il film è una parabola sulla Russia d’oggi.
A day in the life of a convict. According to the author, the film is a parable about Russia today.

Regno Unito
Peter in Radioland
Johanna Wagner / 2009 / Regno Unito / 9min, 55”
Since he’s been ill, Peter, the director’s father, spends most of his time alone at home thinking about the past. Little has sense for him now. He is only comforted by his analogical radios, his memories and his loving wife/ wives.

Stati Uniti
Daniel Stedman / 2010 / Stati Uniti / 3min, 36”
This short film explores on the way people perceive languages they do not understand, and focuses on how they identify and mimic them.

Out of competition screeningsI film AViSa in prima assoluta I

Il Re dei poliziotti
Fabio Calzia / 2010 / Italia / 60min
“Singing in Re” (Canto in Re) is the main form of the Cantu a chiterra, widespread in Sardinia. “Re dei Poliziotti”, focused on a family of signers/policemen and their friends, tells the story about the relationship between the profession of the policeman and the fascinating world of “canto
a chitarra”.

Le fiamme di Nule

Carolina Melis e Maria Zanardi / 2010 / Italia / 7min e 40”
The story is set in Nule, a village in central Sardinia famous for its textile production and tells the story of Anna, Rosa and Maria, three skilful textile workers doing their best getting ready for a rug contest.
While two of them are trying to create the perfect rug, Maria submits an unusual rug, honouring the village in a really unique and original way.

15,30 p.m.
Out of competition screenings
I film AViSa in prima assoluta II

Un passo dietro l’altro
Gianni Tetti / 2010 / Italia / 60min
A group of “youngsters” from Porto Torres and Sennori (Sardinia) suffering from various forms of autism or mental retardation are training to run a
race and show themselves in public. “Un passo dietro” narrates the hopes and fears of a group of people who are struggling to improve their lives, from the sports ground, where it has all begun, to the most important competition in

L’evidente armonia delle cose
Elena Morando / 2010 / Italia / 30min
1938, Sardinia. Eight young girls in a small provincial school are getting ready for the end of the year picture. The teacher asks the students to write a short personal description to go with the photograph and a brief page of their diaries with secrets and intimate aspirations, that won’t be handed over.

Out of competition screening

Salvatore Mereu / 2010 / Italia / 64min
Using stories suggested by middle school students of Cagliari’s difficult neighbourhoods, the director narrates the problems, dramas, relationships and
expectations of a group of teenagers in the contemporary society.

18,30 p.m.
Anthropology cinema literature
Conversation with Pietro Clemente, Aldo Morace, Marco Müller

Prize Giving Ceremony

21,30 p.m.
Music and traditional dances of Sardinia