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Friday 24 September 2010

9 a.m.

Via Anelli
Marco Segato / 2008 / Italia / 68min
In order to remove the decay in the Via Anelli ghetto in Padova, the city council decides shut down for good the buildings by now deteriorated, which apartments are rented mostly to immigrants, and relocate the tenants in more decorous housing. In the documentary the workers’ laborious operations to close down the site are mixed with the immigrants’ voices.

The Third Violine
Reinhardt Björn / 2010 / Germania / 90min
Ivan’s portrayal, farmer from Ruthenia with great talent for music and sense of humour, and of other Ruthenian peculiar characters who live in the small town of Obcina, in Romania.

The Small Kingdom of Lo
Caroline Leitner, Giuseppe Tedeschi e Daniel Mazza / 2009 / Italia / 52min
The daily activities, difficulties and dreams of Tsarang’s inhabitants, a distant village in the Himalayan desert, which isolation is about to be inturrupted by the construction of a road.

Italia / Sardegna
Senza ferro
Giuseppe Casu / 2009 / Italia / 52min
At Antonio Casu’s Giara Club in Oristano children have been riding the small wild horses from the Giara for about 30 years. The film documents life at the club, the initiations, the training, the trips, all closely linked with the Sartiglia’s centuries-old traditions.

15,30 p.m.

Cancelli di fumo
Francesco Bussalai / 2009 / Italia / 40min
A former employee’s night-time visit of the now vacant buildings of the ex manifuttura Tabacchi ( tobacco factory ), in the centre of Cagliari, reactivates memories made of people, work, strikes…

Raja Hindustani
Arvind Sinha / 2009 / India / 52min
Raja Hindustani is a young street performer born into a family of Nats, an ancient Indian community of street and carnival entertainers. Once held in high esteem, members of this remarkable culture are now forced to live on the fringes of Indian society.

17,00 p.m.
A tribute to Diego Carpitella
Tra cantigos e launeddas: Il restauro dell’opera filmica, riflessioni e proiezioni
Un progetto dell’Istituto Superiore Etnografico della Sardegna,Istituto Centrale per i Beni Sonori e Audiovisivi, Laboratorio di Antropologia Visiva e Analisi del suono “Diego Carpitella” dell’Università di Roma La Sapienza, Teche RAI
Intervengono: Francesco De Melis. Giorgio Adamo, Ignazio Macchiarella

21 p.m.

Arab Essarafa - Au Bas de L’Echelle / At the Bottom of the Ladder
Tarek Ben Ghzaïel / 2010 / Tunisia / 33min
The documentary describes the daily life of a family in the region of Sfax whose subsistence depends on the seasonal olive harvest.

Italia /Brasile
Arturo torna dal Brasile
Marco Antonio Pani / 2010 / Italia / 37min
The Arturo Usai’s extraordinary life, from Alghero, doctor, inventor and filmmaker, today 90 years old, emigrated to Rio di Janeiro after the second world war and came back to Sardinia in the seventies.

Kongon Akseli / A Man From the Congo River
Jouko Aaltonen / 2009 / Finlandia / 52min
The story of Fin Akseli Leppanen who became a machine operator on the Congo river ferries and his impact with the harsh reality of colonialism, narrated through is diaries and letters.