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Thursday 23 September 2010

9 a.m.

The Cat, the Reverend and the Slave
Alain Della Negra e Kaori Kinoshita / 2010 / Francia / 80min
Through an encounter of 3 communities that symbolizes virtual reality which is the “Second Life” – Furries, Goreani and Evangelistic Christians – the movie brings into question the porous aspect of real life and virtual life.

Chaiqian / Demolition
J. P. Sniadecki / 2008 / Stati Uniti, Cina / 62min
The depiction of an ever changing urban area, of the work of 30 men and women coming from the country and of their ephemeral relationship in Chengdu’s centre, the capital of Sichuan province in West China.

Il Giorno del Cielo
Andrea Parente / 2010 / Italia / 47min
The Festa dei Gigli (Nola, Italy) is a place of rational contradictions and visual contrast. Seen with a modern eye, this event appears to be an extreme expression of madness e of non-sense; and yet “under the Giglio” there are thousands of individuals with normal lives, participating at a celebration that like few stirs up the collective consciousness and strengthens the identity of the participants.

Anything But Black
Ausra Linkeviciute / 2009 / Lituania, Regno Unito / 20min
An ancient tradition of preparing your own 'death dress' explored through encounters with different generations of women in rural Lithuania.

15,30 p.m.

Di madre in figlia
Andrea Zambelli / 2008 / Italia / 88min
“Di madre in figlia” narrates a fragment of history. Where, if the icon is the troubling Silvana Mangano in “Riso Amaro”, her tangible legend is a group of twenty women, many of which octogenarian, who go on tour in country festivals and fairs singing the same songs, of protest, of love, of sadness, that they used to sing in the rice fields many decades ago: the “Coro delle Mondine di Novi”.

Yin Le Ren Sheng / KJ: Music and Life
King-Wai Cheung / 2008 / Hong Kong / 90min
The biography of musical genius from Hong Kong, KJ Wong Ka-jeng, already famous at the age of 11. The result of 6 years of dialogues, the film isn’t about his success as a pianist, but talks about his growing up and becoming an adult.

Repubblica Ceca
Příběh lásky / Roma Boys
Rozálie Kohoutová / 2009 / Repubblica Ceca / 30min
The tabu subject of homosexuality in the gyspy community through a Romany activist’s personal story. His coming out puts at risk his status of respectability.

21 p.m.

Stefano Cattini / 2010 / Italia / 20min
A film about the widespread phenomenon of the religious evangilistic pentacostal conversion in the Italian Sinta community.

Kafka au Congo
Zajtman Arnaud e Marléne Rabaud / 2010 / Belgio / 59min
Gorette Mawazu’s land has been stolen. She doesn’t have money to pay for a lawyer so she has to represent herself, alone, for fifteen years in her country’s court, the democratic republic of Congo. A journey through the meander of justice and behind the scenes of political life in Congo.

The Last Storyteller
Gustavo Vizoso / 2010 / Spagna / 56min
Storytellers have been telling stories in Morocco for more than 1000 years... This is the story of Mohamed Bariz, the last storyteller.