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Wednesday 22 September 2010

9 p.m.

Il colore delle parole
Marco Simon Puccioni / 2009 / Italia / 65min
The story’s protagonists are four friends, intellectuals, musicians, labour unionists and cultural mediators arrived in Rome at the beginning of the seventies, who fight not only for the immigrants’ rights in Italy but also to get the Italian people acquainted with their culture.

O Morro da Mangueira Como È / La collina di Mangueira così com’è
Carmen Opipari e Sylvie Timbert / 2010 / Brasile / 52min
Once upon a time.., in the favela of Mangueira, four children draw, tell stories and speak of things lived, imagined and wished for. Mangueira, where these children live, is a favela in Rio de Janeiro and also the name of the samba school where they parade during carnival.

Io, la mia famiglia Rom e Woody Allen
Laura Halilovic / 2009 / Italia / 50min
The story of a Rom girl who lives with her family in a popular neighbourhood on Turin’s outskirts. The story, told in first person narrator, explores the transformations and difficulties of the new settled life, the relationship with her nomadic relatives, the contrasts and misunderstandings which have accompanied her since childhood, especially with the others: i Gagé

Jäävuoren Varjoon / Iceberg Shadow
Antti Seppänen / 2009 / Finlandese / 57min
The director finds a box full of 8mm film with pictures coming from all over the world. The surprising discovery opens a door to a lost world and guides the spectator in a trip around the world, even further, with a forgotten adventurer, an old sailor.

15,30 p.m.

Gunter Schwaiger / 2009 / Austria, Spagna / 105min
A trip around the world of the corrida throughout Spain, France, Portugal and the encounters with the students and teachers from the bullfighter’s schools, bandilleros, bullfights managers, impresarios and important characters reveal the complexity of this singular cultural phenomenon.

Burkina Faso
Ceux de la Colline / The Hillside Crowd
Berni Goldblat / 2009 / Svizzera, Francia, Burkina Faso / 72min
An improvised gold mine in the far fetched hilly area of Diosso in Burkina Faso has attracted gold diggers, explosives experts, healers, merchants, sellers, prostitutes, children, religious figures and barbers. All engaged in the desperate attempt to change lives.

21 p.m.

Italia Sardegna
S’Animu / L’Animo
Marina Anedda / 2009 / Italia / 30min
Women and outsiders have never ridden in this race . Until one day, a young sedilese woman shows up at the vicarage and asks the parish to put her name down on the list, as a potential “Prima Pandela”. The people is the community are asking themselves whether “females” should now be admitted.

Ici, / Qui,
Laurent Thivolle / 2009 / Francia / 18min.
There is no body, no face, Some ghosts in a dismissal of the charges. It is a game between image, and the alive reality of this image, between image of life, and live.

Waliden, Enfant d’Autrui / Bambino d’altri
Traoré Awa / 2009 / Francia, Senegal / 52min
In Mali, just like in many African countries, traditional adoption consolidated the bond within a family. Nowadays the mentality is changing and the result is that adoption can become a child’s nightmare.