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Tuesday 21 September 2010

9 a.m.

Kirvat Dam / Blood Relation
Noa Ben Hagai / 2009 / Israele / 75min
Ben-Hagai discovered letters from her great-aunt Pnina and learned that in the 1940s, 14-year-old Pnina disappeared near her family home in what is now Israel. Pnina’s letters revealed that she married an Arab and had children with him. Ben-Hagai tracks down the unknown family in the Palestinian Territories, and uncovers a singular history of the Israeli-Palestinian divide.

Le bambine di Palmi
Stella Di Tocco / 2009 / Italia / 51min
Every 3 years the people of Palmi, a small village in Calabria, are called upon to choose the “Animella”, a young girl who, during the “Varia” festival, tied on a chair positioned on top of a construction more than 20 meters high, will have to act out the Holy Mary’s ascension to the heavens.

India / Ladah
Kivilaitumet / Stone Pastures
Donagh Coleman / 2008 / Finlandia, Irlanda, Regno Unito / 65min
This is the story of a nomad family who lives on the Changthang Himalayan highlands breading goats that produce the rare and valuable pashmina wool.

The Sacred Dancer
Diego D’Innocenzo / 2008 / Italia / 30min
This film portrays fifteen years old Biswaijit, one of the last Gotipa, sacred children donated to the temple to dance in honour of the God Shiva , made up and dressed as Devadasi, the god’s lovers.

15,30 p.m.

Wiedergeboren in Westfalen / Reborn in Westphalia
Melanie Liebheit / 2008 / Germania / 88min 25”
In 2002, Europe’s greatest Hindu Tamil Temple was inaugurated at Hamm-Uentrop in Westalia. The film accompanies Sri Paskaran, the tireless priest and the temple’s promoter, in his daily engagements and in the planning for the annual feast where 20,000 people are expected.

Non tacere
Fabio Grimaldi / 2007 / Italia / 57min
The documentary tells the story of Don Roberto Sardelli’s life and the extraordinary episodes of the school 725, which he founded in 1968 in Rome amongst the people who live the slum area of “L’Acquedotto Felice”.

Bi Cheret Boghe e Passione / Ci vuole voce e passione
Marco Lutzu e Ignazio Macchiarella / 2008 / Italia / 29min, 49”
In the world of the “canto a chitarra” in Sardinia, gift of nature and passion are often debated. In a great “cantadore” it is necessary a particular mixture-balance between the two aspects. The film confronts this theme with two young singers and a group of fans.

21 p.m.

Basilio D’Amico
Gianfranco Spitilli e Marco Chiarini / 2009 / Italia / 44min
Born as a documentary project based on Basilio’s exceptional musical skills, an old Abruzzese accordion player, over the years and with an ongoing frequent visits (from 2001 to 2008 ) the documentary became the story of an encounter, close and personal, through music.

Carta Azulejo / Tile Mail
Gergo Somogyvari e Judit Feszt / 2008 / Ungheria / 23min
Nobert’s super 8 movie-letter, who left Amazonia about 10 years ago, has moved to Lisbon. There, Norbert earns a living painting azulejos, the traditional Portuguese tiles.

Dacia, Dragostea Mea / My Beautiful Dacia
Julio Soto e Stefan Constantinescu / 2009 / Romania, Spagna / 74min
An extravagant trip from communism to capitalism through one of the most emblematic Romanian symbols, Dacia automobile: first, symbol of the ambitious communist technology, now a reflection of the new global economy.