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Monday 20 September 2010

9/10 a.m.
Arrival and welcoming of the participants

10 a.m.
Presentation of programme
Paolo Piquereddu

10,30/13,00 a.m.

Vivre Ici / Vivere qui
Zran Mohamed / 2009 / Tunisia / 124min
Jewish shopkeeper Simon has always been the confidant, the healer and the memory of the inhabitants of Zarzis, a small village in South-West Tunisia. His shop is a meeting place where everyone expresses their own vision of the world.

Of Shadows and Men
Aurélien Foucault e Cédric Quennesson /2008 / Francia / 23min
In Yunmeng, a rural city in the Province of Hubei (China), there’s a theater, a teahouse where old men gather amongst the shadows of the past, drinking tea and playing cards.

16 p.m.

Festival opening ceremony
Greetings from the Region and City Authorities
Presidente dell’ISRE Salvatore Liori
Sindaco di Nuoro Alessandro Bianchi
Assessore regionale della Pubblica Istruzione, Beni culturali, Informazione, Spettacolo e Sport Maria Lucia Baire

Inaugural Lecture
The Senses in Cinema
Antonio Marazzi

17 p.m.

Stati Uniti / Italia
In altro mare
Franco La Cecla / 2010 / Italia / 55 min
The film narrates the heroic fishing attivity on the freezing and foggy banks of the Saint-George bay that the Sicilian community of fisherman from Terrasini, immigrated for five generations, carries out on the edges of the Atlantic Ocean.

Do Din ka Mela / A Two Day Fair
Kizhavana Jayasankar e Anjali Monteiro / 2009 / India / 60min
“Nothing in the world will last – it is but a two day fair” sings Mura Lala Fafal. He is accompanied on the Jodiya Pava (double flute) by his nephew Kanji. The film is a two day journey into the music and every day life of this uncle - nephew duo set against the backdrop of the Great Rann of Kutch, in the Western Indian state of Gujarat.

Carnival King of Europe
Michele Trentini e Giovanni Kezich / 2009 / Italia / 22min
The kingdom of the “Carnevale”, apparently without rules and ephemeral, can be considered one of the most widespread and long-lasting in European history, and “Carnevale” itself is the one and only king of Europe.

Sebastian Brameshuber / 2009 / Austria, Turchia / 85min
Five times a day, the muezzins sing the call to prayer from the minarets of Turkish mosques. Once a year, muezzins from the whole country come together to test their skills in call to prayer competitions. This film follows participants and fans of the prestigious competition.