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John Marshall, tra gli !Kung San (Boscimani), Namibia 1957
The Sardinia Ethnographic Film Festival held by Istituto Superiore Regionale Etnografico (ISRE) takes place in Nuoro every two years and represents one of those rare occasions in Italy in which it is possible to attend one of the most significant international events in ethnographic cinema.

The Festivalt has always adopted a specific theme: "The Shepherd and His Image" (1982); "The World Upside Down or Carnival and Controlled Transgression" (1984); "The Wedding. Marriage Rituals in Traditional Societies" (1986); "Women and Work in Traditional Societies" (1988); "Islands" (1990); "Mountains" (1992); "Men and Rivers" (1994); "Magic and Medicine in Traditional Societies" (1996); "Music and Rituals" (1998); "Children" (2000); "Food" (2002); "Tourism/Tourisms" (2004).

Since the XIII edition the Festival has changed its previously traditional characteristic of focusing on a single theme, concentrating its programme instead on a selection of recently made documentary films with an ethno-anthropological prospective.

Apart from films in competition the Festival also presents films out of competition.

A whole day is dedicated to a specific theme, with screenings of films out of competition and conferences with experts and academics from Italy and abroad.

The films are accompanied by a brief presentation and, as a general rule, commented on and discussed with their directors.

The projections, talks, conferences and discussions are served by simultaneous translations in Italian and English.