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Selection commitee and jury

Comitato di selezione 2008
Selection Committee
The films in competitions have been selected by a Committee composed of:

Catarina Alves Costa filmmaker and anthropologist, born 1967, BA in Social Anthropology by the ISCTE, Univ. Lisbon,1990 and an MA in Visual Anthropology by the Granada Centre, Univ. of Manchester (U.K 1992). Since 1997 she works as a teacher in Visual Anthropology and Documentary Film in F.C.S.H, Nova University of Lisbon. She is also co-founder of the Production Company Laranja Azul where she works as a Producer and Director of Creative Documentaries http://laranja-azul.com From 1995 to 2000 she worked in the National Ethnological Museum with Film Archives (mostly from Africa and Timor) doing research and production of Documentary films for exhibitions.

David MacDougall is ARC Professorial Fellow at the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, Australian National University in Canberra. He is an ethnographic filmmaker and writer on film and the social sciences. He has made films in East Africa, Australia, Europe and India, many in collaboration with Judith MacDougall. His present research is on schools and other institutions for children in India. He is the author of numerous articles on cinema, and two books, Transcultural Cinema (1998) and The Corporeal Image: Film, Ethnography, and the Senses (2006).

Marc-Henri Piault anthropologist and film maker, Honorary Director of Research at the CNRS, Président of the Comité du Film Ethnographique (CFE) – Paris, Visiting-professor at the Getulio Vargas Foundation (Rio de Janeiro).
Researches on Western Africa (migrations; pre-colonial political organization ; possession cults), France (regional identity and cultural representation) and Brazil (beliefs formation; involvments and identities; violences, religions and social implication).
Teaching at the universities of Paris X-Nanterre, Aix, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales(EHESS), Paris I-Sorbonne, State Univ. of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) (Political Anthropology; AudioVisual Anthropology), Getulio Vargas Foundation - Rio de Janeiro (AudioVisual Anthropology).
Films making (Niger; Nigeria; France; Brazil)
Several publications (french, english, portuguese, spanish)
Theoretical essays on Audiovisual Anthropology (see among others : Anthropologie et Cinéma, Paris, Nathan ed., 2000).

Paolo Piquereddu Director General of the Istituto Superiore Etnografico della Sardegna (ISRE). He manages the Museo Etnografico della Sardegna and the Museo della Casa Natale di Grazia Deledda and is responsible for the planning and management of the cultural projects of the regional body.
He is a lecturer in Museology and Museography( Sassari (University). He conducted seminars in several universities and cultural institution in Italy and abroad and has carried out research into Sardinian ethnography, producing various publications.
Since 1990 he manages the international ethnographic film festival and the ISRE’s audiovisual output. In this field he has directed or produced a large number of films on Sardinian popular culture. In 2006 the SIMBDEA - Società Italiana per la Museografia e i beni demo etno antropologici- awarded him the “Prize Museo Frontiera” for his activity in visual anthropology and museums.


Galleria fotografica
  • Antonio Marazzi
  • Beate Engelbrecht
  • Judith MacDougall
  • Nasko Kriznar
  • Rossella Ragazzi

Beate Engelbrecht Studies in anthropology, sociology and economics. Doctor's degree 1985.
Since 1985 official in charge of Anthropology at IWF - Knowledge and Media (Institut für den wissenschaftlichen Film) in Göttingen,.
Publications: 2 books and 8 scientific essays concerning various aspects of development aid. Editor of 3 books on handcraft and ethnographic film. 8 scientific essays concerning Visual Anthropology. Executive producer of 12 films for the IWF Editor of 22 scientific films of extern producers.
Teaching in anthropology and lectureship at university: Basel, Göttingen since1986, Passau 1997, Tübingen 1997/98 Trier 1998/99 and 2000/01, Heidelberg 2001. Since 1992 summer schools "Ethnographic film in practice" in Göttingen.
Leader of the association Visual Anthropology of the German Society for Anthropology (DGV) and member of the executive board of the DGV since 1992. Member of the executive board of the Society for Visual Anthropology USA 1997-2000.
Since 1993 Director of GIEFF - Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival.

Nasko Kriznar Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1943. Ethnologist and archeologist (Ljubljana University, 1970).. Founder and Head of Audio-Visual Laboratory at Scientific Research Centre of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (1982). His Ph.D. is from visual ethnographic methodology (1996). Author of numerous visual ethnographic field productions, ethnographic films and publications (Filmography of Slovene ethnographic film 1905-1980, Visual research in ethnology, Ethnographic film between tradition and illusion, Visual culture, all in Slovene language). Teacher of visual anthropology at the Primorska University in Koper from 2004 (Ba and Ma degree), where he started the Centre for visual ethnography. Organizer and the head of every year's Summer school of visual ethnography in Nova Gorica (from 1979). From 2006 he is running the Days of ethnographic film, international festival in Ljubljana.

Judith MacDougall Has made more than a dozen documentary films in Africa, Australia,
India and China. Recently with her film The Art of Regret, examines how the digital revolution is changing photographic practices in Kunming, PRC, and how the Cultural Revolution affected the way in which photographic images are regarded.
She continues an interest in developing new strategies to examine the relationship of people to their constructed environment and material culture, and with cross-cultural issues. She would like to explore new ways in which video and still images can be used as a research tool in fieldwork situations.
She has taught film and video production courses in the USA, Europe, and China, and is currently a visiting fellow with the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research at the Australian National University.

Antonio Marazzi Anthropologist, Professor at the University of Padua. He has been Chairman of the Commission on Visual Anthropology of The International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES). The representative for anthropology on the Comité de Philosophie et Sciences Humaines of UNESCO. He has carried out research in Europe, India and Japan. He collaborates with the ISMU (Iniziative e studi sulla multietnicità) of Milan. His published works include: Lo sguardo antropologico and Antropologia della visione.

Rossella Ragazzi (MA, PhD, currently Research Fellow at University of Tromsø Museum), was born in Rome in 1965. Her main fields of research are: visual anthropology, communication, cinema, performance, migration & childhood studies. Senior lecturer at Visual and Cultural Studies Dept, University of Tromsø, institute of Social Anthropology from 1998 to 2007.
Among her recent publications:
"Toward Pedagogical Awareness: Teaching Cine-ethnography" in: Visual Anthropology Review, Vol. 23.n. 1 June 2007. Berkeley, University California Press. ‘Memory, Resistance and Speaking the ‘Self’. In: Postma, M. & P.I. Crawford (eds.), CNWS Press & Intervention Press. 2006
Among her recent anthropological films: ”La Mémoire Dure”, 2000;
“At home in the World”, 2003; ”Walking on Uneven Paths”, 2005;
“Firekeepers”, 2007.