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Selected films

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Zirei Kayitz / Seeds of Summer
Hen Laser, Israele, 2007, 63 min This film follows the 66 days and nights of a group of young Isrealis during a rigorous course of combat training and observes the relationships that develop in an environment governed by a rigid military code
A Working Mom
Limor Pinhasov, Yaron Kaftori, Israele, 2006, 78 min After fifteen years hard work in Isreal Marisa Vilozai decides to return to her native Bolivia to re-embrace her children, but on her return she finds her children rather cold and that the money she sent to her father has been squandered ...
  • Tears on bus
  • Marissa and Daughter Hug
  • Lim & Yar - Berlin
37-38 di 38